insurance plans

At Montgomery Podiatry Associates, we participate with all major insurances. Please note that some insurances require a referral. In addition, Keystone Health Plan East and some Aetna HMOs are capitated. That means that your primary physician is only supposed to refer to one specific podiatry practice only. However, any patient under 19 years old with Keystone and under 12 years old with Aetna is not capitated, and therefore can receive a referral without any problem. Many primary physicians are not aware of this.

For those patients with Keystone that are capitated (but not to our office), you will need to also receive a precertification number with your referral. This usually involves first going to your capitated provider and then you may be able to get a precertification number if you are unsatisfied with that visit. For capitated Aetna patients, only a referral is necessary.

Please note, that some services are not covered even with an appropriate referral. One of those services includes Orthotics.

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